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Changes to Mass Times and Live Streaming of Sunday Service

posted Jul 22, 2018, 11:30 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Jun 20, 2021, 2:18 AM ]

Mass times Haddenham and Long Crendon                                         

Twelfth Sunday In Ordinary Time (B) 20th June 2021


SUNDAY MASSES             -  20th June - 9.30am - HADDENHAM - streamed live                                                               
                                                             11.00am - LONG CRENDON 

MONDAY:                - 21st June - 9.30am - HADDENHAM - St Aloysuis Gonzaga
TUESDAY:              - 22nd June - 2.00pm Funeral Mass of Tony Buckley

FRIDAY:                  - 25th June - 9.30am - HADDENHAM - St John the Baptist
Message from the Diocese about donating to your parish: Giving Tuesday
Every Tuesday you are able to donate to your local parish by phone.
Simple call 01604 712065 and speak to one of the wonderful finance team 
who will guide you through the process. They also love speaking to 
If you need to get in touch with Fr. Leszek he can be reached by:
Phone:  01844 290178
Mobile: 07780 796331

Due to Covid the following guidance is in place:

- there is no booking system in place

- stewards will be there to guide people on where they can sit

- wearing of masks is mandatory

- there will be hand sanitisers at the entrance and exit

- allow a bit of extra time to ensure we have everyone in place before the start of          
   Mass, particularly in Haddenham as we will be live streaming.

- observe social distancing (we are trying to have a 2m separation in the Church)

- if you are feeling unwell please do not attend 

- if you are shielding due to any condition please do not attend

- if you have a positive Covid test, after attending a service, please contact the church.

The capacity is greater in Our Lady of Light, Long Crendon compared to Haddenham, so if you are able to go to Long Crendon we would encourage you to do so.

Request for more volunteers to be stewards for the Masses in Haddenham. Sign and lead people into Mass, indicate when to go for communion and sanitise the  benches after Mass.

Important New Information
Please be aware and observe the rules concerning hygiene and safety when you come to Mass.

1. From the 8th August everyone must wear a face mask or covering in Church unless you are exempt for some reason. Government guidelines will let you know who are exempt.

2. You should sanitise your hands on the way in and on the way out of Church. 

3. You should receive Holy Communion standing up in the hand with no words spoken and follow the guidance of the stewards.

4. Please do not leave anything in the Church, books, papers, glasses, gloves, devotional objects, because of the rules surrounding the virus epidemic we are supposed to throw them away not keep them.

Due to the new government regulations forbidding the gathering of more than 6 people inside or outside (this does NOT apply to Church services, Mass etc, these carry on as they are) however, after Mass people do gather in the car parks occasionally to talk, so I propose the following to avoid any trouble from neighbours, passers by or government officials.

1) In Haddenham 
Please use the patio garden to the side of the Church for groups of up to 6 people maximum to talk. I will also open the Rosary Room likewise 6 people max can have a chat in there leaving the car park at the back of the Church available for any other group of up to 6 to talk.

2) In Long Crendon
The Parish Hall will be available for a group of up to 6 and the large garden with the grotto of Our Lady is also available.

Burmese Lunch at Long Crendon

posted Jul 22, 2018, 11:17 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Jul 22, 2018, 11:30 AM ]

On Sunday 1st July 2018 Sr Eugene organised a Burmese lunch for the parishioners of Haddenham and Long Crendon and members of the local Burmese community to raise funds for the Sisters and Students of the Order of St Paul in Myanmar/Burma.

The sun shone all day from a cloudless sky and a large group of people were able to enjoy a wonderful selection of Burmese foods while seated at tables under the shelter of a giant Cedar tree which was planted many years ago by Fr Boswell in memory of John Butler who helped him to build the church at Long Crendon.

The scene was enlivened by many members from the Burmese community who were wearing colourful traditional costumes.

After lunch the raffle was drawn which apart from alcoholic beverages contained many prizes of Burmese origin which had been donated by the Burmese community.

Myanmar/Burmese Lunch at Long Crendon

posted Jul 31, 2017, 1:20 PM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Jul 31, 2017, 1:20 PM ]

The New Church Meeting Room

posted Nov 6, 2016, 10:39 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Nov 6, 2016, 10:51 AM ]

For many years the parishioners of the Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd in Haddenham have been giving consideration to the construction of a church meeting room which could be used for meetings and social gatherings. A couple of years ago Fr Leszek set up a small working party to develop plans and to obtain planning permission, which was received towards the end of 2015. At the same time Mary Chettle who was a parishioner of many years standing died and left the parish a very generous legacy which was sufficient to fund the cost of constructing the new hall.

The work commenced in April 2016 and by the end of August the major work had been completed and there was a new building with a meeting room, an office for the priest, a well equipped kitchen and wash room facilities. As part of the work the car park has been resurfaced and the private courtyard at the back of the church is to be tastefully repaved.

The attached pictures show the progress of the building work from the foundations to the completed building. 

Father Jude

posted Aug 15, 2016, 1:44 PM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Aug 15, 2016, 1:54 PM ]

We welcome Father Jude Amilia from the diocese of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka who is studying in Rome. He will be staying until 11th September when he returns to complete his studies.

Fr Leszek's 60th Birthday

posted Dec 21, 2015, 11:37 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Dec 21, 2015, 11:44 AM ]

Fr Leszek decided to celebrate his 60th birthday by inviting all his parishioners and a number of friends to a sit down lunch at Church House, Long Crendon on 29th November 2015 after celebrating the Sunday morning mass at Our Lady of Light Catholic Church. 

A total of 132 parishioners and friends accepted his invitation. Cavendish Events, the caterers, rose to the challenge of accommodating this number within the hall by bringing in all the tables and chairs which were needed and a number of parishioners helped to draw up a seating plan to ensure that everyone was accommodated comfortably.

Once everyone was seated the serving team produced an excellent three course lunch with a choice of red or white wine. It was a very happy occasion with a discrete selection of old time music which encouraged a number of enthusiasts to sing and to get up and dance. Alan Pigden gave a vote of thanks to Fr Leszek as a prelude to Mary Miller presenting him with a medal of St Christopher and a generous cheque to finance his travels before Jo Wheeler gave her adaptation of Lewis Carol's poem about Old Father William!

Fr Leszek gave a speech thanking everyone who had helped to make his party such a happy occasion for him. He said that he owed a great debt of gratitude to his parents and he was delighted to have a celebration in which his 93 year old mother was able to participate. He was very happy in the parishes of Haddenham and Long Crendon and this party was his way of saying thank you to everyone who had been so generous to him during the past eleven years.

Visit by Cardinal Charles Bo, Arch Bishop of Yangon, Myanmar

posted Nov 14, 2015, 7:35 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Nov 14, 2015, 8:12 AM ]

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangong recently celebrated his 67th Birthday by celebrating mass at Our Lady of Light in Long Crendon with Bishop Peter Doyle, Fr. Leszek Wisniewski. Fr. Eric Manley-Harris who retired as the Parish priest of Long Crendon a few years ago and a number of other priests from the local area.

At the start of mass both Bishop Peter and Fr Leszek greeted the Cardinal with whom they are well  acquainted as they both visited Myanmar earlier this year to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity to that country and the Cardinal responded very warmly as he observed that a large number of the congregation were known to him.

It was a very happy occasion and the church was filled with local parishioners and members of the Burmese Community who had gathered to welcome the very first cardinal of Burma. The mass was followed by a celebratory dinner of Burmese food served in the church hall which was attended by a number of local personalities.

This was the first time a Cardinal has visited Long Crendon where we have a sister in residence from the Order of St Paul which was founded by Cardinal Bo in Myanmar (Burma)

Celebration of Mass
The Offertory

With Parishoners

Parish Bring & Share Lunch

posted Jul 25, 2015, 4:15 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Jul 25, 2015, 4:17 AM ]

Our regular summer bring & share lunch was another great success enjoyed by all. It was a great chance to meet and chat with familiar and new faces.

Another of those please!

Dates for your Diary

posted Mar 15, 2015, 8:05 AM by The Good Shepherd   [ updated Jan 21, 2021, 7:07 AM ]

  • November 28th  is Father Leszek's  birthday 


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