Justice & Peace

Justice & Peace

Parish Charity. Both “Mary’s 
Meals” and “The Passage” will be the Parish Charities for next year.

Learning & Prayer

As a Learning and Prayer Group, we meet monthly at parishioners homes and two monthly in Church for a Contemplative evening.
Both meetings, which take place from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, are opportunities, for fellowship, to learn from each other and to pray together.
In the learning Group we explore topics like discipleship, the sermon of the mountain, the way of the Cross as way to descend, how we adapt to change, the message of poverty in San Francis and so on.
In the Contemplative evening the emphasis is on the silence that allows us to listen to God and experience the Joy of His Presence.
This is the structure of the Contemplative evening:

1. Welcome and awareness of the present moment

2. Bible reading

3. Meditation

4. Prayer

5. Contemplation.
Please enjoy the attached video on You Tube:The gentle art of blessing.



Care & Welfare

Our Parish has an enthusiastic Care and Welfare Group of individuals who visit those in need of comfort and

Sacramental Preparation.

Preparation for Confirmation and First Holy Communion.